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From the virtual world right onto your wrist

The latest achievement of our watchmaking manufacture is the exceptional, limited edition PRIM ARMA. We created it in cooperation with Czech developers from the Bohemia Interactive studio, designers of the successful military game ARMA. ARMA has been writing its story since 2006 and has since undergone a remarkable evolution. In its next chapter, the iconic PRIM ORLÍK watch will play a significant role. It appears in Arma Reforger as authentic proof of the period and a reliable helper. The first Czech watch inside a Czech game that has long conquered the world. But it’s not staying just in the game. It will leave the virtual world in the form of a limited edition PRIM ARMA. 

Precision in every second

A lightweight yet durable titanium case, in-house manufactured movement with automatic winding, and carefully considered symbolism. Imaginative packaging, including accessories referencing the military. Cooperation with the Bohemia Interactive team has resulted in a watch designed not only for fans of Arma. A durable titanium watch with minimalist yet distinctive design has the ambition to appeal to all fans of honest Czech watchmaking.
The crossover between the world of computer games and the world of mechanical watches is precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. Discover these values in the new limited edition PRIM ARMA.


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