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We know what our watches mean to our customers. We therefore offer our customers a unique opportunity to participate in their design. We are one of the few watch companies in the world that allows its clients to participate in the production of their own watch from the very beginning.

We are original company in the Czech Republic that designs, develops and makes PRIM wristwatches. As a result, the possibilities for personalising or customising a watch are almost unlimited. From simple personalisation of the crown or caseback, through changes in the material of the case and more significant interventions in the dial, to the production of your own unique watch, corporate or private edition. Come to us to fulfill your dreams of the ideal watch!



We manufacture the case, which determines the shape of the watch, using the highest quality production method - machining on special CNC centres from Switzerland, which have been tailored to our needs. This allows us to adapt production to the demanding wishes of our customers.

The basic material for the production of cases is 316L stainless steel. However, customers can choose almost any material according to their preferences. Precious metals such as gold or platinum look good on dress models. Thanks to this, the watch can also become an investment that appreciates over time. The use of damask steel or bronze gives a watch a slightly extravagant look. Titanium, for example, has excellent resilience properties.



The design of the dial is the most important aspect of the final look of the watch. Our customers have a wide range of dial types to choose from. They can choose to modify one of our standard designs, or take up the option to customise the dial.

We apply the traditional technology of pad printing, which has been used on watch dials since the 18th century. The matrix for printing can be made entirely according to the customer's wishes. Embossed, electroplated or enamel dials are more complex and suitable for more expensive watch models. The indices can also be decorated with precious stones. The indices themselves can also be made luminescent in a non-traditional colour design.


Electroplated dial

The electroplated dial, which comes from a Czech supplier, is made with a unique technology that allows us to create unique structures.

Printed dial

The most common method used in the production of dials is pad printing. This method is the best for personalising or customising the dial according to the customer's wishes.. 

Enamel dial

The most demanding dial to produce is one with cold enamel. It requires a precise technique and manual work, making each dial an original.

Embossed dial

An embossed dial is impressive in that it looks different when viewed from different angles. . 


The original and luxurious look will give the dial a natural
or artificial stones. & nbsp; You can
all or only selected indexes replace with a distinctive Czech garnet or ruby,
decent zircon, diamond or moldavite.



The caseback of a watch, which can either be closed or transparent with a view of the movement, is an ideal surface for personalisation. Engraving, milling or laser engraving make it possible to not only add a dedication, but also more complex graphics, such as a company logo or pictogram. A transparent backcase enables the movement to be viewed. This can also be customised according to the customer's design, for example by inscribing the rotor, changing its shape or surface colour. The surface treatment of the movement, be it gilding, nickel plating or DLC, can, in many ways, determine how interesting the watch looks. For demanding customers, we also offer decoration of the movement with precious stones. The glass of the caseback can be printed in one or more colours as required.




The hands not only determine the time, but also have an important aesthetic function. We not only produce the hands, but also cover them manually with luminescence. As a result, the customer can influence their size, shape and colour. We can produce almost any shape and decorate them with a monogram or pictogram. Blue annealing gives the hands an interesting look. If you want something really interesting and exceptional, a single hand can measure your time.




In addition to its mechanical function, the crown also has a significant effect on the overall appearance of a watch. You can personalise or customise your watch by engraving your monogram, a simple design or company logo in it. The possibilities are almost limitless. It is also possible to use ceramic coatings in various colours of your choice or, for example, to apply DLC treatment in combination with laser technology to decorate and highlight the crown. Especially for women's models, inserting a natural or artificial stone into the crown can add an original touch. You may also be inspired by the use of moldavite or a more pronounced Czech garnet in several of our limited editions. As stated above, the possibilities are almost limitless.


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