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PRIM Manufacture 1949 / in-house mechanical movement


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More than twenty years ago, hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world were enchanted by a world of games inspired by many military conflicts that were authentically presented in a precisely created environment. The distinctive limited edition PRIM ARMA is themed to target the wide community of players of this legendary game. That said, this original, elaborate watch, built on the legendary Orlík model, will be appreciated by all fans of honest watchmaking. Czech developers from the Bohemia Interactive studio, a legendary Czech game, iconic Czech watch PRIM. From the very beginning, the only model that entered the frame was the Orlík. Originally designed for the Czechoslovak army, the Orlík is still popular in all its versions. For many it has become symbolic. Just like Arma. With bated breath and eager anticipation, fans have had fun guessing what the next chapter might hold. 

Orlík watches appear in the Arma Reforger. As authentic proof of the times and as reliable helpers. The first Czech watch inside a Czech game that has long conquered the world. Thanks to the productive and friendly cooperation with the Bohemia Interactive team, whose valuable advice, enthusiasm, and knowledge were immensely rousing, it’s not staying just in the game. The watch has left the virtual world in the form of our last limited edition of 2023. We have produced exactly 128 pieces of durable mechanical watches with in-house automatic PRIM movement in a titanium case. The caseback is decorated with instructions for determining north using the compass bezel. The number 128 is two to the power of seven, a perfect power composed of two prime numbers. Its symbolism refers to the environment of the computer game creators, in which the binary system plays a crucial role. Equally important is precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. This is the crossover between the world of computer games and the world of mechanical watches.

 The most fascinating thing is how the watch was developed. In the case of Nové Město’s Prim watches, the sketch – an idea transferred to paper – comes first. Design drawings are then created and materials are matched. Once all workable visualisations have been agreed, the realisation of the first piece begins. This first piece is used to decide any additional changes, and then actual production will begin. In parallel are discussed the packaging and what will be in it. Thousands of thoughts, hours of reflection and searching. A result other than precise is not acceptable.

Creating the game that hundreds of thousands of players around the world are waiting for. Designing its environment, functionality, and logic. Thinking through the strategy, evaluating it. Building on previous versions that set a high bar. Meeting the expectations of a challenging community. Engaging the currently available technologies while creating a 100% realistic environment. Dozens of miles walked in the field, exploring locations that will be imprinted onto the game. For perfect logic and authenticity. You go through the game and it feels kind of intimate. The environment looks familiar and oddly relatable. Is it the clock on the wall, the interior of the pub, or the church in the square? Behind it all are billions of seconds of work that cannot be created just from a desk in an office. Player movements come with an emphasis on the naturalness of human movement, on speed, accuracy, tactics, and goals. And time is of the essence. Time measured by our “ORLIK”. 

Like the game, the limited edition PRIM ARMA is tuned to perfection. This includes the packaging. It features a set of fabled dog tags, one of which contains a unique code to launch Arma Reforger. A knife produced by the Czech company ANV, decorated with a map showing the contours of a specific location from the game bears the same unique limited edition number as the watch. The rubber olive green strap can be exchanged for a replacement NATO strap in black.

Technical parameters

Model series Orlík, Arma
Dial black, printed, luminiscent, perforated
Movement PRIM calibre 95.00 - automatic
Bracelet 22 mm, rubber green, DLC
Edition limited - 128
Case diameter 42  mm
Case lenght with lughs 54.3  mm
Case height incl. glass and lid 14.8  mm
Surface treatment blasted DLC
Crystal sapphire convex
Caseback srew-down case back, DLC, titan
Crown DLC surface treatment, titan, screw-in crown
Water resistance 10  ATM
Case titan, DLC


This iconic model is a never-ending inspiration for this product line. You can choose from a more solid or subtle case, with or without an eccentric seconds hand, and with or without a date window. Enter the world of never-aging watch legend.

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