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Among the personalities who have associated their names with the PRIM brand over the years, you will find top experts, Olympic sportsmen and sportswomen, artists and successful entrepreneurs. They contribute to the profile of their field just as ELTON hodinářská has been doing to that of PRIM wristwatches for the past 70 years.


Hynek Čermák

A graduate of DAMU in Prague, and now a successful film and theatre actor who has been performing in film and television since 1993. He has played numerous roles, both dramatic and musical, on the boards of important Czech theatre stages. He is currently a member of the Dejvice Theatre Company. For one of his roles in Czech film he won the Czech Lion Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Watches are my passion and I have plenty of them at home. I also have a long relationship with the PRIM brand, specifically with the Orlík model. At the age of 14, I joined Svazarm to take up skydiving. Orlík is a watch that all aviatic people and parachutists know. That´s where my interest in them mainly comes from. Throughout my whole life I said to myself I must buy a PRIM Orlík one day. Now I have one and I love wearing it because the Orlík model has the huge advantage of never feeling kitsch on my wrist.

Adéla Sádlová

A promising Czech representative and national champion in the 800 metres. She sets herself big goals in sport and in life. She wants to run the eight-miler in under two minutes and join the ranks of the most successful Czech runners, such as Jarmila Kratochvílová or Ludmila Formanová. She is just a few seconds away from fulfilling her Olympic dream.

The sports club in Nové Město nad Metují was my first athletics club. It was here that I learned my love for athletics and running. Time plays a key role in sport and especially in my discipline. Time is also what I am dealing with the most right now. For me, the New Town PRIM watch is a symbol of accurate time, tradition and reliability. It is a great honour for me to be part of a quality Czech company, creating such beautiful and elegant watches. I am grateful that we could join our paths.

Michal Krčmář

Successful Czech Olympian and a member of the international biathlon team. Whenever he's on the track, we're right there with him. Smiling, honest, and always ready to help. His smiles got a way to disarm us every time and besides being a great fighter, he's got a good heart. He supports our Handy Cycling Marathon team, either with his presence or remotely. He wears PRIM ORLIK, which he co-designed. 

When you do something, do it well and do it fully - That's what I strive for, both in sport and in my personal life. It was obvious even on my first ever visit to ELTON that I had found a group of people who felt the same way. When we were designing my watch, I felt like a part of the team. I'm proud to wear it. Because I've discovered that Prim is not just a wristwatch. It's a lifestyle.

Taťána Gregor BRZOBOHATÁ

Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá, née Kuchařová, is a Czech dancer, model and actress. In 2006, she was crowned Miss Czech Republic. On 30th September of the same year, in Warsaw, Poland, she was subsequently crowned Miss World, becoming the first woman from the Czech Republic to ever win the world’s oldest beauty pageant. In 2013, she finished second in Star Dance (the equivalent of Dancing with the Stars in the UK).

Time is the most precious thing we have in life. That is why I consider a watch to be a reminder of exceptional moments and personal milestones. For me, one of those moments happened 15 years ago at the Miss World contest. I am very pleased that on the occasion of my anniversary, this luxury women’s watch has been created as the perfect expression of this event. This watch will forever remind me of my success in the world and the moment that literally changed my life.

It is my wish that it simultaneously preserves the symbolism of time as the most precious thing we can give one another. Time, love and attention. Thanks to the work of my foundation, I am reminded of this every day. That is why I hope that all the ladies that wear this unique “Prim ICONIC” watch will uphold these values in themselves with pride. 

With love, Taťána

Kateřina Haring

Successful Czech entrepreneur and honorary president of the Czech-Moravian Association of Businesswomen and Managers (ČMAPM). She founded and is the director of the Dynamic Group, Design Center and Great Events Production, companies that are engaged in interior design and event organisation and realisation. Forbes magazine ranked Kateřina among the most influential women in the Czech Republic. In 2017, she became the vice-president for Europe of the Global Association of Businesswomen (Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM)).

It is an honour for me to represent a traditional Czech brand, one that stands for high-quality craftsmanship and skilled watchmaking. I fell in love with PRIM watches at first sight. A visit to the ELTON hodinářská factory also convinced me that watchmaking is an art form. Not many countries around the world can claim to be able to manage the complete watchmaking process, but thanks to the PRIM brand, the Czech Republic is one of them. It is reason enough to show off my PAVOUK watch, even at international meetings of businesswomen. 
After all, we have much to be proud of.


Josef Dostál

Kayaker, sprint canoeist, world champion, and winner of three Olympic medals from London and Rio. In addition to his performances on the water, where he is the world´s best, he captivates the general public´s mind with his height and various interests.  

"We have a long tradition of wearing Prim watches in our family. My great-grandfather was the first, but the inspiration for me came from my grandfather. Growing up I wanted to have the same watch. I saw it as a symbol of masculinity and adulthood. I appreciate the timeless appearance and quality, which is obvious at first glance. It always stand out in my "watch collection" and surpasses others. I open my drawer and can instantly recognise which watch is a Prim. That's why I don't actually wear other watches anymore. I like an understated style and graceful curves, which therefore makes the Diplomat my favourite model. I wear it to the most important social events, it enhances the impression I make at such events. I alternate other Prims according to my mood and style. I like the feeling of elegance they give me. Even when I return tired and sweaty from training."

David Kraus

Czech singer, songwriter, composer and film, television and theatre actor. He regularly performs with his band on Jan Kraus Show. He is also involved in the CF Hero campaign which supports patients with cystic fibrosis. He is currently preparing for a tour with the Gipsy Brothers and working on other music projects.

I am honoured to be an ambassador for a quality Czech brand that has accompanied me my whole life. My grandfather would have been pleased to see me walking around the workshop in Nové Město nad Metují. By the way, seeing how the watch is made was a wonderful experience for me. I am very excited about PRIM watches, their quality, workmanship and materials. I don’t think these watches can break. I never take mine off, so I can't lose it. I like things that last a lifetime. One day I hope to pass on my watch to the next generation after having worn it on my wrist my whole life.

Jan Štulík

Czech orthopedist and surgeon, head of the Department of Spondylosurgery at the Motol University Hospital in Prague. He specialises in the surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the spine and is a founding member and vice-president of the Czech Spondylosurgical Society. In 2010, he was appointed professor of orthopedics. He has devised several unique surgical procedures and performs over 600 operations a year. For his scientific and publishing activities, he is recognised not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

I got my first PRIM watch as a little boy, it had a blue dial and a mechanical movement. I didn’t realise it back then, but I now know that the ability to produce good quality mechanical movements requires enormous skill and is important for the prestige of the region. This can be done only in a few other countries in the world. They can do it in Nové Město nad Metují and I admire that. I prefer to wear the PRIM Diplomat or Spartak 43 watches for social events, and the Orlík II for sports and outdoor activities.

Miroslav Bárta

Professor of Egyptology, Director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University in Prague. He conducts Czech research in Egypt and Sudan; the focus of his archaeological activities lies in the research of the site of the pyramid builders in Abusir near Cairo. He has won many prestigious international awards for his work in science. In addition to Egyptology, he studies, from an interdisciplinary research perspective, the so-called “collapse” phenomenon, i.e. the rise and fall of complex civilisations.

As a little boy, I received my first beautiful and blue PRIM Sport watch. I have it to this day and it still works. For many years I wore it for everything and everywhere, to school, to the athletics track, and in water. It endured it all. Today, I´m no different in this regard, just older. As was the case then, I prefer a watch that is able to withstand extreme conditions, such as during archaeological research in the desert or deep underground, is durable and, at the same time, looks great. That's why my choice, once again, fell on the PRIM brand. This time round it's the Orlík.

Radko Kynčl

Curator of the engineering and watchmaking collections of the National Technical Museum (NTM) in Prague. He is the author of a number of (professional) articles and books, and has published in France and Germany. He has curated watchmaking collections at national heritage sites, participated in the preparation of the clock exhibition in Šternberk and is responsible for the Time Measurement exhibition at the NTM.

In the Czech lands, production facilities in numerous technological fields were built in the 19th and 20th century. These ranked among European and world leaders in their given field. Unfortunately, many of them disappeared in the severe economic turbulence that marked the end of the 20th century, which worries me as a historian of technology. I am therefore all the more pleased that it is in the field on which I am professionally focused that this tradition has been maintained. I am very pleased that thanks to the great enthusiasm in Nové Město, we have not only managed to maintain the production of high-quality mechanical wristwatches, but also preserve the expertise, craftsmanship and value of the PRIM brand.

Tomáš Třeštík

Czech photographer who currently focuses mainly on advertising and portrait photography. He is not only the man behind a number of prominent portraits of personalities from the Czech and world art scenes, but also of, for example, a series of unconventional photographs of homeless people in Prague. He has worked, for example, on advertising campaigns for T-mobile, Komerční banka, ČSOB, Česká spořitelna, Kofola, Frisco and the La Putyka Theatre Company, and has also collaborated with magazines, most recently, for example, with Reporter.

What do I personally enjoy about Prim watches? The tradition. My first watch was a Prim. And one can never forget their first watch. The patriotism. I enjoy having a high-quality watch in my collection that is entirely made in the Czech Republic. The personal approach. I really enjoyed watching the creation of my Orlík watch, walking through the factory and realising that the piece of steel, the cold rod I saw at the beginning in the material warehouse, would eventually become a ticking, living watch with a story.

Robert Sovík

A young Czech businessman working in New York City. Robert studied in Prague and played ice hockey for the HC Sparta Praha team. At the age of 20, he went to study economics in the United States, where he also played ice hockey for the university hockey team at Hobart College in the state of New York.

One of his projects is USA Sport & Study, which supports young Czech and Slovak athletes who want to study and play sports at universities and high schools in the USA.

I have a special relationship with Prim watches. I got my first one from my father and I took it with me to the USA. I always liked its simple, elegant style. It also reminded me of home whenever I looked at it. I am very happy to wear a watch on my wrist that was completely made in the Czech Republic and that represents tradition, skill and quality.

Marek Botka

Strategic Director at LogEx Logistics, graduated from several schools and completed his managerial education at the University of Prague by obtaining an MBA degree. In his youth he played basketball, but now actively plays squash and does paragliding. He is dynamic in his professional life and likes a well-finished job with clear results. He looks for innovative methods and his important milestones include successful cooperation with world-famous car manufacturers and project management in several companies.

I think that the PRIM Manufacture 1949 watch basically says something about the wearer of this brand. I like the detail, individuality and quality. I am also a patriot. Logically, my choice was determined by a brand I respect, PRIM. My first watch was a Prim, as was the second, a waterproof PRIM Sport, which I received from my parents upon graduating. I have chosen to continue this tradition and now wear the elegant PRIM Diplomat.

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