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ELTON obviously followed with attention the new trends, oriented towards horologic electronics.

The very first step of our development team towards progressive electronization of watchmaking production was the home development of a so-called fork-controlled movement.

Totally ten prototypes of fork-controlled movements named Elton were built in 1965. The name was born as an acronym for "electric tone", and in 1969, when the factory got independent, the same name was used for the newly established national company. The movement's diameter was 28 mm and the oscillator's frequency 360 Hz.

Especially mastering the technology of watch manufacturing plays a very important role. This has been achieved by only a few companies in the world and only Bulova launched watches with fork-controlled movement in series production. In the next few years, the development of watches with silicon crystal based oscillators was completed.

ELTON introduced mass production of movements with silicon based oscillators (popularly called "quartz movements") in 1982. There were developed movements PRIM calibre 200, 210 and 220 of 25.6 mm diameter, all with central seconds hand of 4.8 mm height, and with a date ring of 5.5 mm. The calibre 220 had a double calendar. Subsequently, the design of the calibre 100 with 21 mm diameter base was prepared , but, like the movement PRIM calibre 220, was not introduced into serial production. A team composed of professionals like Ing. Josef Havlíček, Josef Žid and Ing. Jiří Prokýšek, led by a chief designer Ing. Jaroslav Řehoř, participated in the development of mentioned electronic watch movements.

Installation of a quartz movement electronic

Production of these movements finished in 1990. In the following years, ELTON started using mainly Swiss movements, manufactured by the company RONDA, in PRIM battery watches.

ELTON well mastered also the development and production of electromechanical and consequently electronic movements for wall and table clocks. Gradually, it significantly expanded production of horological goods.

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