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The first Czechoslovak wristwatch bore a brand name Spartak. In 1958, however, PRIM mark achieved reputation, the same mark given by Chronotechna Šternberk to their alarm and wall clocks. This fact brought about long-term consequences. PRIM products, thanks to the watchmaking factory in Nové Město nad Metují, from January 1, 1969 named ELTON, became very popular. The errors during the privatization of both already independent state enterprises led to many lengthy legal feuds over the rights to use the mark PRIM.

In recent years, some traders have tried to take advantage of those mistakes and attempted to create an impression that there is another watch PRIM produced in the Czech Republic, other than that produced in watchmaking factory in Nové Město nad Metují. They so parasitize the work and efforts of developers, designers and watchmakers of the watchmaking factory in Nové Město nad Metují.

In the following text, we introduce historical and contemporary facts concerning the trade mark and brand PRIM.

The first Prim's trademark was registered in 1956 for mechanical watches and alarm clocks. Here is its graphics

This trade mark was registered by a national enterprise Chronotechna. Its current owner is EUTECH company.

In 1958, the national enterprise Chronotechna had registered another trade mark PRIM with the same graphics like the one from 1956. This mark was registered for wristwatches and used also for the products from Nové Město factory. The watches were produced under this trade mark until the end of 1968.

On January 1, 1969, Nové Město factory was incorporated into independent national company ELTON. The staff of the newly established national company in Nové Město nad Metují wanted to clearly distinguish their products from those coming from Chronotechna Šternberk. For this reason, a new graphics of the mark PRIM was born:

ELTON brand gradually began to use this mark for all horologic products coming from the plant in Nové Město nad Metují. Mechanical watches, as well as wall and table clocks, and, last but not least, battery (quartz) wristwatches. In the meantime, the two companies ELTON and Chronotechna were incorporated into the newly formed group TESLA. In 1983, the CEO of TESLA Electrical components Group in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm decided that even this new mark PRIM would be registered as a trademark. It was decided that Chronotechna Šternberk, in quality of the previous owner, would be its owner again. And ELTON would be just its user. He decided, and it was done. Without anyone dealing with the legal aspects of this decision. This however laid the foundations for future lawsuits.

In the 90´s of the last century, both state enterprises were privatized and all trademarks PRIM were subsequently registered in favour of Chronotechna. In 2001, its legal successor EUTECH company, sold the trademark, whose author is Mr Žid, to MPM-Quality, public trade company.

Subsequently, a series of trilateral presentments and proposals were launched and directed to the Industrial Property Office.

Considering the fact, we expected a very lengthy procedure and in particular we wanted to mark clearly our products. In 2003 we decided to register a trademark Manufacture PRIM 1949. The registration was carried out at the Office for Harmonisation in the EU Internal Market, based in Alicante in Spain. Since 2005, we've had a community trademark duly registered for all across the EU territory, in the following graphic form:

Currently, some court proceedings has been lawfully completed. Most of them, however, still continue, as well as proceedings at the Industrial Property Office.

Based on a final decision of the High Court in Olomouc, ELTON hodinářská company is authorized to use the non-registered mark in the graphical form, as it was created by Mr. Žid.

ELTON hodinářská Inc. is authorized to use the European trademark PRIM Manufacture 1949th.

ELTON hodinářská Inc. is the only authorized company for use of Mr. Josef Žid copyright of his author's work - the graphic interpretation of the word PRIM.

We use both marks for our products. European trademark Manufacture PRIM 1949 is used primarily for mechanical watches, the non-registered mark PRIM mainly for battery watches.

To be sure, you're actually buying a product from our watchmaking factory in Nové Město, examine thoroughly the accompanying documentation and guarantee card. In all of these documents, the name of the manufacturer ELTON hodinářská, Inc. headquartered in Nové Město nad Metují, must be mentioned.

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