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Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

Watch Warranty and Repair Conditions by Prim Manufacture 1949

New watch is warranted for a period of 24 months from the original date of purchase and covers manufacturing or hidden defects existing at the time of purchase.
Service warranty covers the period of 24 months for new parts and 12 months for the workmanship and the movement function.

This warranty does not cover:

- Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, fall, impact, or normal wear and tear, aging.
- Damage resulting from a contact with chemical substances, or strong magnetic field.
- Water damage if care instructions for the product’s water resistance level were not followed or the watch is not water-resistant.
- Mechanical damage of the glass.
- Battery, strap (leather, bracelet, rubber)
- This warranty is void if the watch has been damaged by accident, negligence, unauthorized service, or other 
factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship.


Protect your watch from falling, impacts, shocks, chemical substances, strong magnetic field (speakers, airport security frames, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens…). Do not expose your watch to direct sunlight. Do not expose your watch to high temperatures for a long time (for example, do not leave your watch in a car during summer)! Do not expose your watch to quick change of temperatures. Do not open the watch and protect the watch against unauthorized service. Change of battery or any assessment of the watch should be done only by authorized store Prim Manufacture 1949, partner store, or at the manufacturer, ELTON hodinářská, a.s. If the watch is under the 24 months warranty any assessment of watch function or change of battery must be done directly at the manufacturer, ELTON hodinářská, a.s., otherwise the warranty is void. All quartz watches have back cover with screw-threadl.  Manufacturer's Registration Number 005114/06-ECZ.

In order to maintain a water-resistant and a water-proof quality of the watch it is necessary to change the seal every time the watch is opened, also when the battery is replaced. Before using the water-proof watch in water be sure that the crown is tightly screwed, and it is in basic position. Do not manipulate with the crown or buttons when the watch is wet or under water. Watch that is not marked WATER-RESISTANT, 30M (3ATM), 50M (5ATM), 60M (6ATM), 100M (10ATM), is not water-proof and is not suitable for contact with water.

If the Watch is Marked (on the Back Cover or on the Dial):

- WATER-RESISTANCE or 30M (3ATM) – it is resistant against splashing water (rain, washing hands…)
The watch with this designation is not suitable to be used under water (swimming, diving)!
- WATER-RESISTANCE 50M, (5ATM), 60M (6ATM) – it is water-proofed watch and is suitable for swimming in shallow waters only.
- WATER-RESISTANCE 100M (10ATM) – it is water-proof watch suitable for swimming and diving, for sports purposes or regular contact with water. 

Time Accuracy Deviation (Applies at Temperatures from -5 to +30 °C): 
- Quartz watch +/- 30 sec per 30 days
- Mechanical watch + 24 sec / - 6 sec per 24 hours
- Mechanical and quartz watch in renovation program + 60 sec / - 30 sec per 24 hours 


To clean the watch use clean, moist microfiber cloth with soap water and dry the watch. For drying and polishing use clean, dry microfiber cloth. If the watch was in contact with salt water, rinse it in fresh water and let it dry. For water proof watch we recommend to check its water-proof quality every year in ELTONlton hodinářská service center. For all our watches we recommend to carry out a basic service (cleaning, movement regulation, new seal) in our service center – every two years. Contacts can be found at

If you need to service your Prim watch, please send the watch to the address below tightly packed so the watch could not be damaged during the shipping.
Shipping instructions HERE.


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