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Horology industry in eastern Bohemia

There is a long tradition in the Czech lands in the construction of various clocking mechanisms - the famous astronomical clock of Old Town Hall, put into operation in 1410, is still running today with the original apparatus.

Since 1889 the history of horologic manufacturing has been written in eastern Bohemia. In that year, a Lower Silesian company Gustav Becker established in Broumov his affiliate to manufacture clocks. In 1890 the factory was registered into the Commercial Register as an independent company and in 1930 was bought by the company Junghans. In 1948 it became a part of the national enterprise Chronotechna.

Already in 1946, a modern watchmaking industry began to emerge from the ruins of former German factories. For this purpose, Chronotechna national company was founded and based in Liberec. In 1949, in Nove Mesto nad Metují, the national company Chronotechna opened a branch plant commissioned to introduce the Czech production of wristwatches.

Since 1969, this company´s name has been ELTON and it´s been acting independently. The current incorporated company ELTON hodinářská is the legal successor of the former national company ELTON and a successor of Czech watchmaking tradition.

(You can learn further details about the origins of the Czech watchmaking industry in the book by Ing. Zdenek Martinek, "History of the Czechoslovak watchmaking industry I. and II.")

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