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About the company

About the company

About the company

We have been manufacturing PRIM wristwatches in Nove Mesto nad Metuji for more than 65 now. They are a symbol of quality and proof of the craftsmanship of Czech watchmakers. Almost one thousand operations are performed in the ELTON hodinarska factory before more than 130 individual components are transformed into a wristwatch with a mechanical movement. We manufacture 99% of these components in-house. Manufacturing of a complete mechanical wristwatch under one roof – that is something which less than ten factories in the whole world are able to do. Thanks to this unique ability, we can offer our customers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of meeting their specific requirements and desires. Please accept our invitation to a world of precise mechanics, precision construction and timeless design.

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ELTON hodinářská, a.s.

Náchodská 2105

549 01 Nové Město nad Metují

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